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Hangzhou Danmi Metal Co., Ltd. has 30-year experiences in producing furniture hardware. We mainly produce traditional style ones.  We have more than 100 molds and our products includes antique locks, handles, hinges, latches, sliders, knobs, etc.  Most of our products are unique and can hardly find somewhere else.

Hangzhou Danmi Metal Co. has rich experienced technical person who can make molds fast and aslo good at casting.  So when we see a sample, we can make the same one in short time. And we can make according to customers’ special requirements.

We are quite good at producing brass furniture hardware. The good point of using brass hardware  is that it will make your furniture look high quality.  And bass hardware last long.

About the color, we can supply antique brass color, Nickel color, old silver color, etc.

Besides unique styles, good quality and we also supply good services.   Customers’ emails will be soon replied, package will be good and delivery time is also fast.

Most of our customers  has done business with us for more than 10 years.  We believe if you choose us, you aslo will be cooperate with us long time. As we  value our customer very much and believe in win win coopration.

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